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The Strategic Leadership Questionnaire (SLQTM)

Identifying your ability to ACT  in a strategic way!

    About the SLQTM

Research shows that command and control actions do not work as well as they did when environments were more certain.

Today the most effective leaders and mangers use a multifaceted set of leader actions to drive performance and gain commitment.

helps you overcome this problem by diagnosing your ability to use research validated directional actions – TRANSFORMING and MANAGING – and three maneuvering actions – BONDING, BRIDGING, and BARTERING.   You will use this diagnosis to develop a professional growth plan that will enhance your strategic leadership ability and your career.

The SLQ provides a complete learning system. The system will guide you through a self-assessment of your skills, conduct a comparative analysis against high performing leaders’ norms, visually identifying strengths and areas of improvement on a personal action map, and conclude with a professional growth plan.  OnDemand help is available if you need it to interpret your results.

You will take away a plan of action to enable you to act in a strategic way – bringing about frame -reaking disruptive change or frame-sustaining process change – by executing a series of actions in a way that enhances individual and organizational performance.

Why it Works
The SLQTM is a research validated instrument that has been tested on over 2200 users worldwide prior to release.

How Do I Get Started?
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Included are links to FREE support material that permit you to gain a better understanding of your results

We also offer ASSISTANCE ON DEMAND from a personal Pisapia certified SLQ coach, books, and workshops. By using the whole learning system, you can gain a richer learning experience and kick start your professional growth plan.


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