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The most effective leaders THINK and ACT differently than less effective leaders. Our research shows that these leaders are able to think and work in a strategic way. They (1) anticipate environmental changes and articulate a new direction, and (2) align people, capture resources and assure results. Our workshops are  designed to teach you these secrets of successful leaders.  They are the only courses based on the science of strategic leadership endorsed by Dr. John Pisapia.

Do you want to learn the secrets of successful leaders? Then attend a SLN workshop; take our assessments, use our tools, and learn the skills to lead your team/organization to higher performance.

Our full day, in-person workshops are:
!.     Intended for individuals who are in positions, or aspiring to positions, where leading and managing teams, units, and or organizations in business, government, military, fire and police departments, education, and health care where leadership is crucial to success.

2.    Led by award winning certified trainers. They use research based tools, hands on exercises, and compelling real world examples from their consulting, practice, and research to teach you how to achieve both your own, and your organization's goals.

You will leave these workshops well-armed to make the most out of the time and money you invest in your professional growth. 

2011 Workshop Information
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Nov 28 Cyberjaya, Malaysi
Leading your School Strategically
John Pisapia
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Nov 29


Leading for Creativity and Innovation

John Pisapia Register Now!

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If you are interested in having a Pisapia Method Certified Trainer (PMCT) come to your organization to conduct a customized  Strategic Leadership workshop send an email to  

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October 12 - Barcelona
Presentation - Behavioral Agility and Follower Commitment - International Leadership Association - (Public)

August 15 - Vancouver
Presentation - Academy of Management - The Foundations of Strategic Thinking (Public)

June 15 - August
Vienna and Eastern Europe -- agenda developing

June 12 - Ryiadh
Consultation -- using the SLQ360 to develop managers -- Saudi Ministry - (Private)

June 6-9 - Dubai
Presentation = Entreprenurial Leadership at the Cross Roads -- 60th Annual ICSB World Conference. (Public)

May 15 - Palm Beach State College
Presentation of the Professional Development Needs Assessment and Recommendations (Private)

April 22 - Fort Lauderdale
Propel - Interpreting the results of the STQ and SLQ (Private)

March 2 - Kravis Center West Palm Beach
Jumping the Curve part 2 - full day with facilitation of 85 TrustBridge executives coming together to find and create their future (Private)

February 6 - Leadership Broward
How Entreprenuers Think and Act! (Public)

January 4 - Cincinatti, Ohio
(International Congress of School Effectiveness) - Teaching Strategic Thinking Skills in Leadership Preperation Programs (Public). on Facebook