Welcome to The Strategic Leader Network!

Our mission is simple!
SLN is a global learning community focused on discovering research verified Strategic Leadership [SL] principles, and sharing them through assessments,workshops and just good conversation!

Our Aspiration is simple!
We want to help you be successful by finding the future and being able to make it happen!

Our Point of View is simple ---  Really! 
The SL WHAT - SL is the capability to singularly or with others, anticipate change and and create direction, gain commitment, align structures and processes, and assure results in complex environments.

The SL Way! At its core SL is about making consequential decisions about ends, strategy, and tactics. It requires that Leaders Think, Act, and Work in a Strategic Way!

  • Thinking in a strategic way means that leaders can use synthesis as well as analysis, linear as well as nonlinear thinking, and critical as well as creative thinking skills. These skills - systems thinking, reframing, reflection - ensure that leaders are mentally agile so they can answer why, what, how, and when questions in rapid iterations and see old issues with new eyes.
  • Acting in a strategic way means that leaders are able to use a wide array of influence actions - transforming - Managing - Bonding - Bridging - Bartering - in an artistic balanced manner to assure that the organization's purpose is accomplished

  • Working in a strategic way means that leaders are able to use the habits that comprise the strategic leader method - Anticipating, and Articulating to find the future, and Aligning and Assuring to make it happen!  

The SL How - SLers change the environment by bringing a Philosopy, a Method, and a Way of Thinking and Acting that leads to sustained not random success. Our Hope for you is simple ---  Really!
I hope you will find success using our principles, system and tools will make a distinctive impact on  your leadership thinking and your practice.

Join the Tribe and share your journey to the future with us!!
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John Pisapia, President and Founder


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