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The Strategic Thinking Questionnaire (STQ)

Identifying your ability to THINK in a strategic way!

About the STQTM

Strategic thinking has been identified as a key difference maker in how you and your organization perform.   Research has shown that patterned responses and habitual thinking no longer work as well as they did when environments were more certain.

The STQTM helps you diagnosis your capacity to use three research validated strategic thinking skills – systems thinking, reflection and reframing.  The STQ OnLine provides a complete learning system comprised of a questionnaire, a comparative analysis against high performing leaders’ norms. You are guided through a learning process concluding with a professional growth plan.

This means that you will be able to develop a plan of action to enhance your ability to switch from a strategic mindset -“Why and What” - to a tactical mindset -“How and When” - in a rapid and iterative process. 

How it Works

The Strategic Thinking Questionnaire (STQ) Online self assessment is an easy to use survey that provides individual results of your use of the three strategic thinking skills in “REAL TIME.” Results are immediately available, and are downloadable to your computer for saving or printing.  The STQ Online provides all the information you need to control the administration, the analysis and the development of an improvement plan to ehance your skills that is only available to you.

Why it Works

The STQ is a research validated instrument that has been tested on over 3000 users worldwide prior to release.

How Do I Get Started?

Purchase STQ-OnLine below and we will provide a code to a unique web link that—with a single click —takes you to 53 questions which you can answer in just 15 minutes. Results are delivered immediately!.

Included are links to FREE support material that permit you to gain a better understanding of your results

We also offer ASSISTANCE ON DEMAND from a personal Pisapia certified STQ coach, books and workshops. By using the whole learning system you can gain a richer learning experience and kick start your professional growth plan.

Price: $9.95
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