The SL Tools

Our Tools are simple to use and effective
has developed five tools to assist members in anticipating change and creating direction, alignment, commitment, and results in complex environments.

#1 The Strategic Thinking Questionnaire (STQTM) is a fully research validated tool that enables you to discover the way you use systems thinking, reframing, and reflection to process information, interpret your world, and create a strategic mindset.

#2 The Strategic Thinking Protocol is a research verified process that enables you to use Strategic Listening and Strategic Conversations to identify Challenges and Opportunities provided by your organization/unit/team environment to create a shared reality and then a shared direction.

The One Page Statement of Intent is a powerful tool that enables you to describe direction, drive alignment, and assure results. This simple tool answers 4 questions: What do others expect of us? What do we expect of ourselves? Where are we going? How are we going to get there? The Statement centers your organization/unit on common direction.

#4 The Strategic Leadership Questionnaire (SLQTM)
is a fully research validated tool that enables you to use Transforming, Managing, Bonding, Bridging, and Bartering actions to lead and manage your organization, your team, and yourself.  

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