Research Findings

Four studies have been completed with SLQ©v1. Yasin (2006) found that a multifaceted use of strategic leadership actions is strongly associated with self reported effectiveness as well as effectiveness reported by followers. He also found that University Deans who were able to use a wide array of leader actions were more successful than those who couldn't.

Urdegar (2007) and Reyes-Guerra (2009) found components of the transforming, political and ethical dimensions were associated with more cohesive culture.

Ugurluglu, U., & Celik, Y. (2009) found that the use of strategic leader actions - transforming, managing, ethical and political by hospital managers in Turkey was significantly related to leader success. Further they found that organizational environment influenced both leader actions and success.

Reyes-Guerra (2009) found that school principals who were able to use the five actions of managing, transforming, bonding, bartering, and bridging were more successful than those who had a limited repertoire of actions.

In general, these preliminary analyses indicate that leader success is associated with the frequency of use of strategic leader actions. This relationship is stronger as the environment becomes more complex. 

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