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“John Pisapia’s The Strategic Leader, is a highly readable and an absolutely essential addition to the library of leaders of all types of organizations.”
Dr. Vincent Ferrandino, Senior Advisor, United Arab Emirates
“Pisapia's use of storytelling, clearly presented research, and real world examples helped me make the essential connections to fully comprehend concepts of leadership.”
Clive Carthew, International Consultant
“I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to build a high performing organization.”
Jim Ostrowski, JMO Group, LLC
“The author has defined, in clear and unambiguous language, the pathway toward leadership success in this new dynamic, global environment.”
Dr. Vincent Ferrandino
“The Strategic Leader - through research and real world examples - provides direction for increasing productivity, and enhancing management assessment, selection and development.”
Jim Ostrowski, JMO Group, LLC
“The old models simply don’t work and the author has identified the way to transition from the old models to a new way of thinking about and exercising leadership in organizations.”
Dr. Vincent Ferrandino
“The Strategic Leader delivers a powerful framework for maximizing ROI from the most important component of a business model - The Management Team.”
Jim Ostrowski,The JMO Group, LLC.
“This is a book that should serve as a guide to leaders at every level and type of organization.”
Dr. Vincent Ferrandino
“John Pisapia’s clarity of writing coupled with his passion, experience and understanding of leadership makes The Strategic Leader a must read.”
Dr. Gary Strack, President/CEO of the Orlando Regional Healthcare System, and Boca Raton Community Hospital
"John Pisapia writes with the eye of a reporter, the heart and understanding of a poet, and the words of a scholar.
Dr. Gary Strack on Facebook