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The Strategic Leader selected top 5 business book by the Washington Post

The Strategic Leader  

provides the habits, tactics, and tools to enable  leaders at all levels of the organization to think and work in a strategic way. 

Strategic Leaders (SLers) are people who, singularly or with others, establish direction; and then mobilize people, capture resources. SLers practice vastly differently than strategic managers. Strategic management tends to be linear, rational and analytical. It centers on generating strategies through detailed planning and plans.

Strategic leadership is creative and adaptive and relies on synthesis as well as analysis. It centers on the leader's ability to see changes in their environment before they appear, flexible planning and plans, foster cohesiveness, forge relationships and improve organizational learning and performance.

SLers practice six habits - artistry, agility, anticipating, articulating, aligning and assuring. They are visulalized as a "Leaders Wheel."

At the center of the Wheel are the two keystone habits of Agility and Artistry; as they turn the Wheel turns and learning occurs and performance is assured. 

SLers work like Artists when they are able to use a broad palette of leader actions consisting of four types of leadership: transforming, managing, political and ethical. Sometimes they are managers when their companies need stability and continuity. When the need is for dysruptive change they use leader actions to negotiate the chasm between what their organization is and what it wants to become.

think Agilely by shifting between analytical and creative thinking; asking the right questions rather than providing the right answers;  learning by observing and doing, thinking out the end and then the means. They accomplish these tasks by cultivating three distinct skills - systems thinking, reframing, and reflecting. 

The four habits forming the rim of the Wheel - Anticipating, Articulating, Aligning, and Assuring - are used by strategic leaders to create a high performing learning organization.

By practicing these six habits and their accompaning tactics and tools, SLers are able to
create direction, establish alignment and commitment, and produce results in a dynamic globalizing world.

In the book you will discover new tactics and new tools that enable you to turn the the Wheel and engage the learning process such as:

jumping the curve, strategic mindset, minimum specifications, strategic fitness, strategic listening, strategic conversations,  chunking change, lighting the way, running for daylight, bonding, bridging, bartering, and the levers to build high performing units and teams. 

The Strategic Leader
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